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Planting A Promise Program

Planting a Promise was created to enable teachers and their students - especially those already enrolled in our Spuds in Tubs Program- to extend their gardening experience into the fall and to help students explore plants and what they need to grow. Imagine planting large bulbs knowing that they hold the promise of beautiful flowers in spring.

Planting a Promise involves a series of activities that take place over several months. The activities begin in the classroom in September, where daffodil bulbs are examined, then planted in a designated garden area for a school. In the spring when the bulbs begin to sprout and bloom, the activities continue as the daffodil plants are observed and measured while they grow. In late June, the daffodils enter their dormant stage and are readied to start the daffodil life cycle all over again.

Program in Action

In the fall a team from BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation spent the morning with Grade 6 students from Abbotsford Middle School. We took a kit from our Planting a Promise Program so that the students could get outdoors, connect positively with nature, and learn through direct experiences.

They were pretty excited about planting daffodil bulbs at the front of their school, knowing there was the promise of a lovely flower in spring, creating a sense of belonging to the school and the surrounding environment. Working cooperatively and collaboratively on a common task with their peers will hopefully help foster long lasting, respectful relationships.  See the video below!

Enthusiastic teachers have been submitting pictures and feedback showing our future gardeners.  Take a peek at this presentation and see the wonderful thrill of gardening through the eyes of our students!

Click here for presentation


“Everyone has been raving about the daffodils: students, staff and people from the community.They are truly spectacular.”

— Janet Bourchier,Webster Elementary,Trail

How it Works

Teachers choose a bright, low-traffic area in the front of the school. In mid-September, teachers enroll in the Planting a Promise program. The daffodil bulbs are sent to local garden centres and teachers pick up their kits in mid-October. Planting begins late-October through early-November. With the help of their teachers, students can plant the bulbs directly in the ground and then enjoy the flowers that bloom in the early spring. Throughout the winter months when the ground is not too frozen, some bulbs can be lifted for observations.