Agriculture in the Classroom Canada

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Working together to enhance the knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of agriculture in everyday life.

Who Is AITC Canada?

Agriculture in the Classroom-Canada is currently an informal network of provincial Agriculture in the Classroom organizations. In 2005, provincial representatives involved in the informal network began discussions around creating a more formalized structure. In 2011, a commitment was made to proceed with the development of a national AITC Canada organization that would enhance the capacity of provincial AITC and other agriculture education organizations to fulfill individual mandates.

AITC Canada will:

  1. Act as the national voice and identity for AITC Canada.
  2. Build capacity and increase opportunities for member organizations.
  3. Facilitate the sharing of best practice initiatives.
  4. Identify and manage national projects beneficial to member organizations.
  5. Develop and support approved curriculum linked resources related to agriculture.
  6. Coordinate networking and professional development opportunities for individual stakeholders.

AITC Canada will provide a national forum for provincial AITC organizations to work together in order to enhance the knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of agriculture through national initiatives, sharing of information and educational resources, development of educational programs aimed at enhancing agricultural classroom literacy, and coordination of professional development opportunities. AITC Canada will also play a role in providing a national voice and identity for the combined provincial AITC organizations.

The network of AITC Canada currently includes representatives from provincial AITC organizations from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador. The next critical step in formalizing AITC Canada is to secure funding support from organizations within the agriculture industry.

We are seeking founding partners who believe in the value of educating Canadian youth about the importance of agriculture and thereby contributing to a strong,sustainable and viable Canadian agriculture industry.